Serving Clients
Since 1978
ALKARAM has been achieving its target sooner than projected and thus keeping the same trend in view, we foresee an exponential growth of the company in coming months and years. The factors that have leaded ALKRAM to beyond expectations successes, is its core belief laid down by its founder Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Wasti of 'win-win' for all. Through out life period of ALKARAM'S business cycle nothing has been more important than being fair and honest with every one irrespective of one's station and place in society and in the transaction.
On the basis of its trend and solid policies of golden rule of 'Success is a Team Sport, Together We can do it; Together We Will; we project that in terms of our financial growth we will become a US$10,000,000,000.00 (United Sates Ten Billion Dollars) company in net worth assets by the end of the year 2020. It is also projected that ALKARAM will complete its loop of business activities on petroleum activities including but limited to 'Exploration, Development, Production, Pipeline, Marketing, Storage Tanks, and Refining. The scope of expansion will not be limited to the boundaries of United States only, but it will encompass the territory of Canada. South America, Central America, South Western Europe, Indo-Pak Sub-Continent, Middle East, Far East, Malaysia and China.
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